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Reflections: Creative Listening

Reflections: Creative Listening

It’s a delight to hear a beautiful melody clothed in harmony.  Each person responds to music in his or her unique way.  Here’s something I invite you to consider.  First, listen and let your mind and imagination wander or wonder. I enjoy linking sound and sight, observing the rise and fall of the melodic line. A listener who is familiar with chords might enjoy the second version that includes the notation of the chords.  Other responses to the music might include contemplation, prayer, creative body movement, the recall of pleasant memories, or finding words to describe your thoughts and feelings as you listen.   

Commentary: I chose the word “Elevation” because of the ascending chord progression in measures 5-7. As I listen to measures 9-26, an improvisation by Linda, I like to stretch as the melody rises, then relax as it descends, hence the title, “Stretching.” As I composed the last melody I was searching for different chords that would make a repetitious melody more interesting, thus the title, “Searching.” There are many layers or levels in listening and learning. Sharing responses with each other could enrich the listening experience for all who are involved. .

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