Bigger Steps

Bigger Steps involves learning some standard sequential chord progressions used by song writers. They get a lot of mileage out of a progression like Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” and other predictable chord patterns. When these patterns are established in your ears and minds, then programmed into our fingers, you’ll have a tool that is very useful. Perhaps you, like I, have played these progressions without giving them much thought. If your work includes teaching, these training videos will facilitate your efforts to help students discover familiar chord patterns as listeners and in their learning of keyboard repertory. This will also facilitate the development of improvisational skills.

Bigger Steps includes:

  • Application of Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” progression in different styles and keys.
  • Succession by 5ths with applications in different styles and keys.
  • Applications of a frequently used ascending bass design: Up a 4th, down a 3rd, up a 4th, down a 3rd etc.
  • Exploring the fascinating changes of function of a soprano pitch as it is repeated or sustained.
  • Exploring the ways in which secondary dominant chords are used.

In addition to the MP4 videos, the musical examples are included as a file of Powerpoint slides. The slides can be projected on a screen when used in classroom instruction. The CD-R includes “Snap Shot View” (excerpts) that can be transferred to a mobile device. On the CD-R insert mention is made that the tutorial is available on my website. This is not the case for the new and current website.

The cost of Bigger Steps: $10.95 plus tax and shipping.

Contact Information: or 419-651-7155 (cell)

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