Beginning Steps

How2PlayByEar [The title of the instructional videos] is based on a simple premise: When the sounds that we have played become organized in our minds and ears, and programmed into our fingers, we’ll be able to retrieve them as we improvise and play by ear. Our muscles remember what we have thoughtfully stored and practiced. The study of chords based on the scale facilitates the development of the ability to internalize the pitches of the scale.

Beginning Steps includes:

  • Playing melodies of increasing difficulty by thinking scale numbers or syllables, and intervals.
  • Common-tone chording in different styles and all keys.
  • Combining scales and chords in keyboard style (both melody and chords in the right hand with the bass in the left hand).
  • Mastering binary and ternary rhythm patterns, including the combining of these in mixed meter.

In addition to the MP4 videos, the musical examples are included as a file of Powerpoint slides. The Powerpoint slides can be projected on a screen for classroom presentations. The CD-R includes “Snap Shot Views” (excerpts) that can be transferred to a mobile device. On the CD-R insert mention is made that the tutorial is available on my website. This is not the case for the new and current website.

Contact Information: or 419-651-7155 (cell)

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