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Mary Ann (calypso Song)

The purpose of this video is to help students discover how easy it is to connect what we sing or play with the notes on the printed page. Seeing the notes for what we’ve just played or sung can lead to hearing what we see.  No matter what learning mode we prefer (reading or playing by ear) we can learn to hear pitches and rhythm patterns before we play or sing them. I’m convinced that music instruction must include some opportunities to listen to each phrase of a song, then repeat (echo) what is heard.  The wise teacher makes learning a joy and avoids an over-emphasis on teaching techniques. Students should be encouraged to express their own creativity. A question like, “What if?” could evoke response. For example, “What if we changed the rhythm pattern, or meter? Any thoughts?” An effective leaders knows the music well and can’t wait to share it with others. Perhaps we should think of practice as discovering new dimensions of the piece we’re learning.

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