From Heav’n Above to Earth I Come

Martin Luther (1483-1546) wrote the words and melody of “From Heav’n Above to Earth I Come.” The melody is sung in German, the original language, then in English as introduction to Johann Pachelbel’s arrangement for organ. Pachelbel placed the melody in the part for pedal, with long, sustained pitches. Stanza two of the text proclaims, “This little child of lowly birth shall be the joy of all the earth.” The delightful part for the hands expresses the joy and freedom that is ours as we accept God’s offer of grace and freedom.

3 thoughts on “From Heav’n Above to Earth I Come”

  1. Beautiful, Ron! You have been using your God-given gift of music to share with not only your students, choir or your classmates from long ago. Thanks for allowing us to praise the Lord as you shared this gift with us in our class newsletter. I would assume no other class newsletter has ever been blessed in this way! Thanks!!

    1. Dee,
      I really appreciate your encouraging words. I think we’re of like mind, realizing that God’s gifts
      are to be shared. Ron

  2. Ron, thanks. I am always amazed at the way organists can read three lines and then keep eyes, hands, and feet coordinated. Thanks for the commentary too. Jane

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