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Life More Abundant

As God’s people we are called to be light and to be the salt of the earth.  When we lose our flavor, we need to be recharged.  We know that we can do very little when we’re apart from our Source.  I remember a story about two men who went out to cut wood.  The older man would stop occasionally to sharpen his tool.  The younger man would incessantly chop away.  At the end of the day the young wood cutter was surprised to see that the older man had accomplished much more than he.  It was a teachable moment for him. I tend to lean into life.  My life verse has been Colossians 3:23  “Whatever your hand findeth to do, do it heartily as unto the Lord, and not unto men.” (KJV) . I’ve paraphrased the verse as follows: 

Whatever you do, whatever you say, both at work and in your play,      Remember the One who has given this day, and live for Him as you pray. 

However, I confess that sometimes I’m much like the young man in the story who doesn’t take time to sharpen his axe.  As I live life “on the run” I find encouragement in the songs that fill my heart and mind, songs of faith based on God’s word.  God gives me joy for the journey of life.  However, preparation for this journey comes through worship where my heart is restored and my mind renewed.  When our minds are flooded and our hearts overwhelmed by the media’s instant replay of current events, what do we do?  We can either despair, or we can pray and reach out through acts of love and/or charitable gifts to those in need.

“In everything give thanks” is a thought that provides a much-needed perspective for life.  It’s possible to be so focused on a sense of entitlement that we unknowingly say “Goodbye” to gratitude.    I think people of faith have much to offer, for we have a view of eternity as our final destiny which we can share with those who are prone to give up.  We’ve all seen people who have lost something or someone precious to them, whose encouragement makes a great difference in the lives of others who are going through similar difficulties. Lord, help us break out of our tendency to be self-focused and self-absorbed. Help us to be more aware of the needs and interests of others who are an integral part of our network of family, friends, and others who share this journey of life.

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